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Wedding Bliss

Amid some stress (which I’ll get into later) we finally have our pictures. I’m in love with my wedding day. Anything about that day just makes me happy.

I’ll post much more later, but I thought I would share just a taste of them…



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Buon Anniversario

I know it isn’t the world’s most celebrated anniversary, but when we reached our 2 month anniversary, I felt it was cause enough to do something a little special.

I will admit that since we have been married I have stepped into the “wife” role quite well with making dinner most every night since our wedding. But this was reason to take it to a whole new level.

With some help from shower gifts I was able to whip up a romantic and sexy Itialian dinner for two, complete with candle light. I set it all up and surprised Cam when he got back from his run.

Ok, it really wasn’t anything all that special, but it was so fun to do something a bit out of the ordinary. Being newlyweds is so fun because anything can become romantic and sexy at the drop of a hat.

Being married is honestly the best thing that has ever happened. Life is amazingly wonderful with Cam by my side. I never knew I could feel so complete. I think every day of being married is worth celebrating.


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Title Post

You know how CD’s sometimes have a “title track” where the name of the song is the same as the CD? Well this is my title post – basically the same idea. 

When I first approached my parents about Cameron and I getting married, it was very early on in our relationship (we are talking 3 weeks in, early). While they were supportive, they gave me some pieces of advice and some things to think about. One of the things that has stuck with us since then is the advise my mom gave. She started to elaborate on what a fun time of life this is, that there is no rush, and her advice was…

 “…just enjoy the journey.” 

We maybe didn’t quite follow the “take your time” advice, but here we are, just over two months into our marriage, and we enjoying every step of the journey.

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